AWI, the not-for-profit organisation representing Australia’s merino wool growers.

It’s an honour and privilege for SoDUS to promote an historical and core product of Australia’s rural communities to the world. We have also come to love the beauty and flexibility of the product, and kind of like going to farms and shooting beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes … with beautiful sheep.

The team at AWI challenged us to come up with an idea that showcases the individual stages that Merino wool goes through to become a finished product. It was important that we captured the beauty of the wool whilst illustrating and celebrating the art of each stage of the production process. What better way than the Art of Merino.

Suspended in mid air, each shot was the result of firing the fibre from an air canon and in a split second capturing the frame. The marvellous Grant Harvey was the photographer of choice to collaborate with and the results speak for themselves.

Australian Wool Innovations, the not-for-profit organisation representing Australia’s more than 26,000 merino wool growers. We shoot beautiful stills and video, develop websites, create brochures, pamphlets and magazines.